Simple solution to complex problems

The “Promtechservice” company specializes in developing design solutions for modernization of existing and creation of new factories and laboratories. The main area of activity of the company is supply of high-tech equipment from the largest manufacturers

Simple solution to complex problems

From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok

The company operates on the market for over twenty years. All our employees came to “Promtechservice” mainly from Rosatom companies, and our young specialists (mechanical engineers, physicists, electronic designers, technologists and systems engineers, programmers, biophysics, etc) are from the leading technical universities of our country.

All of them have a one or two university degrees and at least one of the degrees is technical.

Many know several languages and ​took a variety of specialized courses and trainings with manufacturing companies.

We pay great attention to the level and quality of professional training, as we always strive to give our customers not just the equipment, but development outlook, as well as optimize their expenses in anticipation of the further growth and technological advance. We established strong relationships with domestic and foreign partners, realized successfully a great number of projects.

“Promtechservice” is a exclusive distributor in Russia and CIS countries of such companies as Innovative Technology, Inc (one of the largest manufacturers of glove boxes for working in inert atmospheres and unique solvent cleaning systems) and SPEKTRA (SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik und Akustik GmbH Dresden, manufacturer of high precision equipment for calibration and testing in the field of vibro-acoustic measurements).

With many serious long-term projects completed and experience gathered in various fields, the "Promtechservice" company for many years acts as the official distributor in Russia and CIS countries of FuG Elektronik GmbH (a German manufacturer of high voltage power supplies used by research institutions around the world, including CERN), ElmoRietschle (a division of the Gardner Denver corporation, one of the best German manufacturers of vacuum and discharge equipment), Proxi Vision GmbH (a manufacturer of high-tech optical equipment, such as image amplifiers, etc). The "Promtechservice" team has accumulated a wealth of experience supplying equipment for exclusive and mass production projects:

  • to Rosatom organizations: RFNC-VNIIEF, RFNC-VNIITF, VNIIA, Balakovo Nuclear Power Station, PO Mayak,  NIIEFA, Electrohimpribor, Siberian Chemical Plant, FCDT Soyuz, NIIPA, NIIIS, Institute for High Energy Physics, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics and many others;

  • to national educational institutions: Moscow State University, MAI, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, VyatSU, Saratov State University and others;

  • to large industrial enterprises: GAZ Group, Ostankino meat factory, PO “Start”, STADA CIS holding, Pharmsynthez, etc.

  Equipment supplied by the “Promtechservice” company is widely used in institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in factories of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" and the state corporation "Russian Technologies" from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.


Involvement in the solution of national problems

The main advantages of the “Promtechservice” company are derived from goals and tasks.

1. First, it is the intention to give each customer and his task as much attention as if full strength of the company is aimed at solving only his problem. Our specialists are fully involved in the analysis of technical specification and in the search for the best technical and economic solution. Needless to say, after the end of a project the company keeps in touch with customers, helps with emerging issues, improves, updates, maintains and, in general, does everything necessary so that all customers of the “Promtechservice” company achieved all their goals.
2. Second, basing on long-term experience working with manufacturers from Europe, America, Britain, Japan, Korea and China, our company offers its customers excellent prices and fast delivery.
3. Third, it is greater flexibility directed to customer interests, including contractual relationships.

Customers can have very different conditions; as they are mostly state enterprises, we have to find mutual solutions when dealing with funding delays, term changing, etc. This is particularly true for projects developed in the context of special state programs. Sometimes we are not talking about profitability. It is more important to implement a national project in time. Losses in such cases are more than compensated by appreciation of involvement in the solution of the task. And patriotic feelings also play an important role.

Contrary to the skeptics

“Promtechservice” is always trying to conduct our business focusing on customer needs, constantly analyzing the efficiency of each component and finding optimal solutions.

Our team is small but the highest efficiency of each division allows to solve any problems. Sometimes we hear from skeptics that the company will not pull this or that project, but our specialists have proved again and again that all tasks they face will be completed. The “Promtechservice” company knows in practice the meaning of a federal program, acceptance objects, objects of particular importance, a public order and orders the Ministry of Defense.

As a rule, when such projects are executed, there is by definition no right to make a mistake. This experience simultaneously motivates and hardens. As saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”

To fully solve the customer’s task, "Promtechservice" has a license for working with information constituting a state secret.

The company has the ISO 9001:2008 and GOST ISO 9001-2011 certificates (supplying high-tech professional equipment, quality of conformance: IDT).

"Promtechservice" has all the necessary material, technical and intellectual resources for warranty and post-warranty equipment maintenance and monitoring of technological processes.

Having obtained direct contact with most manufacturers, we can offer equipment at manufacturer’s prices, respond quickly to changes in the range of manufactured instruments and fully resolve any issues arising during operation of the equipment.