The new equipment supply for laboratory creation

July 6, 2015, our company "Promtechservice" has completed another major project on supplying of equipment. The project lasted for more than a year; during this time we have done a great job together with the customer. Our task was to select optical equipment, electrical components and vacuum parts to equip the new laboratory. We have analyzed the customer requirements, monitored prices on equipment marked and performed the comparative analysis of the "price-quality" relationship for selected products.

 In this project we for the first time worked together with a new manufacturer of spectrometric equipment Solar. The main office and manufacturing facilities of the Solar company are located in Belarus. Experience and high qualification of Solar specialists ensure the quality of their products. Spectrometric instruments and systems based on their products have many options and have the ability to modify certain parameters depending on tasks faced by customer. We continue to work with Solar participating in new projects for the supply of this equipment.

To achieve their goals, the customer needed large amount of optical elements (various lenses, mirrors, filters, etc.). We came to the conclusion that Edmund Optics products fully meet the customer requirements. Our company has extensive experience in the supply of products of this brand. These products have high quality at reasonable prices.

For the construction of optical systems we offered parts manufactured by Standa. The range of optical products from this manufacturer includes a large number of different parts and components . This allows customer to develop and design a specific optical system, which, of course, is convenient for any research engineer.

Vacuum parts were represented by Edwards, a company very widely known in our country and in the whole world. We also have extensive experience in the supply of Edwards products. This manufacturer has been selected because the customer already has vacuum and turbomolecular systems from Edwards, and it fully meet customer needs. The Edwards company is so well known that no one has the reason to doubt the quality and wide range of product models of this company.

The part of this project was represented by the Fluke company, a known manufacturer of measuring instruments .

Despite the wide range of required products from various manufacturers necessary for the realization of this project, our company has coped with the supply of all equipment in less than four months. Given that the products are purchased abroad and require time for delivery to Russia, it is a short term. We are proud of the performed work and the fact that the customer is now able to easily solve research tasks it faces. And the quality of delivered products will not fail.