Leading supplier of laboratory equipment for chemical plants, laboratories and scientific institutions.

Merck is the leading company manufacturing innovative, high-quality and advanced products for pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Eurofins Lancaster is one of the largest commercial laboratories in the world, offering comprehensive laboratory services in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, ecological and other fields of science.

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation is known as one of the world's largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals, including innovative scientific research products.

Clear and uncompromising goal to create products of the highest quality, at the best price and available everywhere brought the Mitutoyo company from humble start in 1934 to the position of the global leading supplier of metrological equipment. 

Sartorius manufactures laboratory equipment for measuring weight and moisture content of samples, such as analytical, laboratory and industrial scales, moisture meters based on analytical scales; also sample filtration equipment such as laboratory filtration systems and filters, industrial filtration systems .

OHAUS offers a wide range of various scales: analytical, precision, platform and portable. In addition the company also makes moisture analyzers.

Kern manufactures a wide range of scales for various application areas. Analytical, laboratory and precision balances, jewelry and pocket scales, industrial, crane and platform scales (table and floor), scales to measure the moisture content of samples manufactured by the Kern company are used in industry, laboratories and educational institutions.

In addition to household measuring equipment the A&D company manufactures analytical and laboratory balances, technical and compact scales, platform scales, commercial and counting scales, packaging scales, moisture viscosity analyzers.

Fistreem International Ltd was founded in 2004 after the acquisition of the Sanyo Gallenkamp Plc branch associated industrial water treatment business by the Fistreem company. Fistreem manufactures equipment for distillation and deionization, vacuum furnaces and reverse osmosis systems. Also, under the own name Fistreem continues to manufacture the popular vacuum furnace "SanyoGallenkamp".

IKA ® company group is one of the world leading manufacturers of laboratory and analytical equipment. Equipment developed by IKA ® includes stirring systems (magnetic stirrers, overhead stirrers, shakers and laboratory mixers), grinding systems (mills and dispersers), laboratory reactors. In addition, the division of IKA ® which manufactures laboratory equipment also designs and produces heating and distillation equipment and devices.

Retsch manufactures various equipment for preparation of samples for various kinds of analytical methods, and also for particle size analysis. Grinding systems from Retsch include jaw crushers, rotary mills, disc mills, cutting mills, ball mills and mechanical mortars. Also the Retsch production range includes screening systems: screening machines, redresser sieves and special software.

Fritsch equipment is used for preparation of material samples for analysis, and for grinding material particles. Samples are prepared for analysis using ball and planetary mills, cutting mills, rotary mills, impact and jaw crushers, screening machines.