We do not rest on our laurels and constantly search for new and reliable suppliers and manufacturers over the whole world. When anyone sees that the equipment is manufactured in Germany, he is confident in the quality of the product, reliability of its operation and durable service.

In 2014 the "Promtechservice" company has won the proposal for supplying of image intensifier from ProxiVision, Germany, for the FSUE "VNIIA", Russia .

ProxiVision is a German developer, manufacturer and supplier of optoelectronic equipment. The range of ProxiVision products includes detectors and cameras which can be manufactured according to the individual customer requirements; modular cameras, closed cameras, photon testing stations; image amplifiers, high resolution X-ray cameras.

The range of equipment and components manufactured by ProxiVision is constantly expanding, technologies are improving. It is important that the company considers customer tasks and strives to offer the best solution with the help of its own high quality and precision equipment.

The "Promtechservise" company works with ProxiVision directly, guaranteeing the best prices and fast delivery of products from Germany.