Agiltron optical equipment

In early 2015 our company received a complex purchase order for supplying laser equipment for the Institute of Experimental Physics. The order specifications included laser equipment manufactured by Agiltron, Miteq, Newport; from optical dividers and shutters to software required for the entire setup to work. The most interesting part of the order for our company was work with a new producer Agiltron.

Agiltron NHOA bidirectional fiber shutters providing electrical control of optical power have been proposed for the customer. Such shutters are used in closed laser systems and in medical devices. The process is activated by an electric signal from remote control. Solid optical crystal eliminates all mechanical noises and the presence of organic materials. NHOA series fiber shutters satisfy the most demanding operating requirements, have ultra-high reliability and fast response time with minimal mechanical noise.

Particularly interesting are Agiltron FC fiber optic splitters based on soldered biconical connectors. The cone is made as a very efficient and compact structure. Homogeneous materials ensure low losses and very low sensitivity of polarization. Splitter is used for dividing or combining light pulses with exceptional performance in a wide range of wave lengths. It is used in the chain of laser modulation devices, in different industrial environments, such as laser welding systems.

To ensure reliable work of the system an Agiltron OCHP fiber optic circulator was also necessary. It ensures high power of the system. The optical circulator is a fully passive device; its principle of operation is based on the effect of non-reciprocal rotation of the polarization plane (the so-called Faraday effect). Due to this effect it is possible to transmit over single fiber and on single wavelength two data flows in different directions. Signal wave length of 1550 nm is considered optimal for signal transfer. Signal is transferred using two mutually perpendicular polarized planes. One plane is used to transfer the signal in one direction, and another plane – in opposite direction. This operating principle minimizes the direct and return losses, which makes the Agiltron fiber optic circulator an indispensable element of any laser system. The Agiltron fiber circulator has a compact size and is stable in operation.

The thin film filter based multiplexer Agiltron DWDM provides wide channel bandwidth, flexible channel configuration, low insertion loss and high isolation. Agiltron DWDM modules are used to add or remove certain wave lengths and are ideal for telecommunication and networking.

The Fiber DELAY devices from Newport with the function of manual adjustment on the fiber-optic delay line were used as the light pulse delay generators. They ensure accurate modification of optical signal for delay from 170 to 600 ps at 1310/1550 nm wave lengths. Compact and robust design makes it ideal for integration into networks of equipment and test instrumentation to adjust pulse length.

We are proud to say that the project was done in less than two months. Customer has rated this as a very good result.