Amphenol is one of the largest companies engaged in design, manufacture and sale of electric, electronic and fiber optic connectors, connecting systems, coaxial and flat ribbon cable. Amphenol products are used in fast growing sectors of telephony, wireless communications and data transfer systems, cable television, both civilian and military avionics, in automotive and transport industry, and in industrial automation systems. Amphenol is a global manufacturer which uses the most advanced technologies throughout the world.  Amphenol has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Vertically integrated divisions perform the whole complex of technological activities, from the preliminary product design to final manufacturing and assembly. All divisions are certified according to the highest quality standards of the ISO9000 series.

HStronic GmbH is an international company producing electronic and electromechanical components, heat shrink tubing and connectors. Customers include large and widely known companies working in measuring, testing, engineering, construction and other fields.

 Rehau specializes in the design of energy efficient systems for construction, industry, furniture makers and automotive industry. The company was established in 1948 in Germany and today it employs more than 15000 workers and 170 offices in 53 countries.

Devices and connection technologies for PCBs, industrial components for electrical and electronic engineering, and automation solutions for industrial applications.