Complex supply of refrigeration systems for data centers of one of the largest research institutes of "Rosatom".

When designing a server room (data center) for a customer, great importance is given to the problem of ensuring optimal conditions for maintaining the required temperature and humidity. Data centers have been equipped with industrial grade conditioners, which are labeled "precision". The very etymology of the term "precision" means that this type of equipment is capable of maintaining accurate temperatures with minimal deviation in the range of 0.2-1°C. To ensure trouble-free operation of such equipment, selection and installation was carried out basing on the preliminary design of air conditioning systems for server rooms.

Maintaining stable climate parameters in server rooms is so important that in Europe server work is not guaranteed if a precision air conditioner is not installed in server room.

For such projects the supplier company should have not only theoretical knowledge but also experience in the field of industrial air conditioning. Our experts possess both these qualities, as was demonstrated by the successful realization of the project.

  • The following conditions have been met during the realization of the project:

  • Constant temperature, humidity and air purity are maintained in the facilities.

  • The specified temperature conditions must be maintained 14 hours a day for the whole year.

  • The system should provide timely signalization of faults or temperatures exceeding the allowable range.

The composition of the supplied equipment includes precision air conditioners with water cooled condensers and natural cooling systems on the basis of dry cooling towers, and a large number of accessories: valves, filters, devices ensuring uninterrupted operation of the system at low outdoor temperatures, and so on.

During the commissioning settings of all equipment, including controllers and refrigerant circuit, were adjusted as necessary.