In late 2014 our company has obtained experience of working with Jiotech, Korea  - the new manufacturer of HVAC and vacuum equipment on Russian market. The range of equipment manufactured by Jiotech is pretty large: from vacuum valves and components for vacuum pumps to climatic chambers and vacuum drying chambers. It is important to note that all Jiotech equipment comes complete and ready to use. There is no need to order additional parts (for example, network cable or vacuum pump filter), as is the case with other well-known manufacturers.

As a part of the project of supplying Jiotech equipment for FSUE "VNIIEF", we purchased from the Korean manufacturer the vacuum chamber OV11/12 which can be used to obtain absolutely dry substances without solvent residues or moisture in powder or resin state. This chamber model is effective when drying samples which can be explosive when exposed to oxygen in the dry state and at high temperature. Thus Jiotech drying chambers can prevent ingress of oxygen from the air during drying. Jiotech vacuum drying chamber is equipped with the CLS Control System, a controller with production specific safety features which is the most secure control device developed by Jiotech scientists. It is used to make systems with heaters safer in environments requiring absolute reliability during heating, i.e. where chemicals are used. (Patent No 0328729, 0397583).

Vacuum is created with the MVP 6 vacuum pump with oil mist trap TMP- 12.

Work with the new for us and Russia manufacturer Jiotech has succeed: currently the "Promtechservise" company has the privilege to use prices from the manufacturer. Therefore, we guarantee efficient supply of high quality vacuum and HVAC equipment from Jiotech at reasonable prices.