Inert Technology, Inc is one of the world leaders in the production and development of inert glove boxes and solvent cleaning systems since 1981.

The PureLab series of Inert glove boxes is the best solution for atmosphere (working environment) monitoring, quality of components, user interface and unrivaled experience in the manufacture of standard and custom made glove boxes for a wide range of applications.

Glove boxes of the PureLab series meet all safety standards, optimally fit into workspace and, most importantly, keep inert atmosphere clean (moisture and water content < 1 ppm) which is especially important for applications that use air sensitive components.

Cost-effective design of the ClearLab glove box can be used in various applications, which require isolation barrier or atmosphere control.

GloveboxInertLab glove boxes produced by INERT, Inc. are designed as a cost-effective solution for research under an inert atmosphere and for application in any laboratory conditions.

INERT manufactures a wide range of environment control chambers (glove boxes), accessories and gloves. INERT offers a complete range of gloves designed to work in many field of industry and science.

INERT manufactures a complete range of gas control systems designed for integration with equipment of various sizes and for different processes. Gas purification systems produced by the Gas Purification System company are central components of all glove boxes and allow creation of a working inert atmosphere with the content of O2 and H2O below 1ppm.

The line of PureSolv solvent purification systems offers components of the best safety and quality, operator interface and unmatched experience in the field of drying and deoxygenation of solvents.

There is no need to expose the health of workers or laboratory equipment to danger resulting from fires caused by the use of traditional methods of distillation. PureSolv line offers customers the safest and easiest method of drying and deoxygenation of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, ethers, chlorinated solvents, amines, alcohols and other simple solvents used in reactions sensitive to the ambient air and traces of H2O and O2.