The Elmo Rietschle brand was created as a result of joint efforts of well-known vacuum equipment manufacturers Elmo Technology and Rietschle together with Gardner Denver, a recognized global leader in the supply of industry by compressed air and gas, vacuum system and liquid pumping technologies. Production of the company can satisfy any requirements and wishes of vacuum and pressure applications. The range of manufactured equipment is very wide and includes centrifugal, vortex, liquid ring, rotary vane, cam, claw and screw types of equipment, as well as ready to use vacuum systems.

Swagelok is one of the world leading manufacturers of fixture for vacuum systems. The production includes fittings, filters, hoses, quick release couplings, valves and valve blocks, regulators, miniature modular systems, pipes, etc.

EDWARDS manufacturers compact oil and oil-free pumps, turbo-molecular pumps, controllers, diffusion pumps, pumps for the semiconductor industry, vacuum blowers, compressors, leak detectors, valves, etc .

PFEIFFER VACUUM manufactures turbo-molecular pumps, rotary vane pumps, dry pumps, Roots pumps, leak detectors, mass spectrometers, vacuum fittings, equipment for vacuum measurement and control.

OERLIKON LEYBOLD VACUUM produces backing vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps, scientific vacuum systems, vacuum gauges, helium leak detectors, vacuum fittings.

WIKA manufactures electronic pressure gauges, mechanical pressure gauges for measurement of manometric, absolute and differential pressure, temperature sensors, manometric and bimetallic thermometers, calibration equipment and diaphragm seals for pressure measurement.

Pneumatic and hydraulic automatic systems produced by Buerkert are used wherever there is a need to measure or regulate fluid or gas parameters. The company manufactures valves, pneumatic devices, controllers and various sensors (pressure, flow, temperature, analytical sensors, etc.).

Bottarini is an Italian factory producing compressor equipment, which is used in virtually every field of human activity: in industry, medicine, power industry, etc. Bottarini constantly improves manufactured equipment and strives to provide its customers the most advanced solutions in the field of compressed air.

HiP manufactures all kinds of valves, fittings, pressure vessels, vacuum pumps, pressure amplifiers and compressors. From 1954 HiP designs and manufactures reliable high-quality products for the oil industry.

AO "Vakuummash" is the largest organization manufacturing vacuum equipment in Russia and CIS countries.

Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and hydraulic valves produced by SAUER are used in different equipment from many manufacturers.

ILMVAC is the globally known manufacturer of vacuum systems, which operates in the market for over half a century. Oil-free vacuum devices are the most successful systems developed by ILMVAC. Oil-free vacuum pumps ILMVAC are used in all laboratory vacuum processes. They are used in vacuum filtration, vacuum drying, freeze drying and centrifugal concentration processes, in the processes of evaporation and concentration in rotary evaporators, in vacuum distillation and extraction processes.

For many decades the Wittig Industrial Systems branch is a respected supplier of advanced technological solutions in the field of compressor equipment.