Metrological services

What is metrology?

Metrology is the exact science of measurements, methods and means of ensuring their unity, as well as how to achieve the required accuracy. The subject of metrology is the extraction of quantitative information about the properties of objects with a given accuracy and reliability. Our company provides metrology services of the best quality!

Metrology consists of three main sections:

  1. Theoretical or Fundamental - addresses general theoretical issues.
  2. Legislative - establishes mandatory technical and legal requirements for the use of physical quantities units, methods and measuring instruments.
  3. Applied - studies the issues of practical application of theoretical metrology developments. There are all issues of metrological support here. Applied metrology is our profile! You can order metrology services from our company.

метрологические услуги

We provide metrological services on an equal footing with state standardization centers!

Metrological services include a full range of work on the control (input and output) of various measuring instruments by the method of providing reference units of quantities. Thanks to metrological services, it is possible to calibrate and repair your equipment and measuring instruments, as well as to verify measuring instruments after repair in service centers.

The metrological services of our company are on an equal footing with the state centers of standardization and metrology. Ensuring the uniformity of measurements will make the production process accurate and perfect!

What metrological services do we provide?

Our Promtechservice  company provides a full range of metrological services:

Verification and calibration of measuring instruments (SI)

Provides services for primary and periodic verification and calibration of measuring instruments in accordance with the accreditation scope.

Measuring Instruments Repair

A full range of service for old and modern design equipment during the entire exploitation period.

Metrological outsourcing

The process of timely verification, calibration, certification, maintenance of enterprises  measuring instruments.

Metrological consulting

Professional advice on the organization and methodological support of metrological work.

Interlaboratory comparisons

Organization and conduct of interlaboratory comparison tests to verify the verification and calibration laboratories qualification.