Erbium lasers for researches

In March 2015, our company has supplied single frequency, ultra narrow band and low noise erbium fiber lasers manufactured by Koheras BOOSTIK (NKT Photonics, United Kingdom).

The series of Koheras BOOSTIK products is a system of narrow band, single frequency and high power (from 2 to 15W) fiber lasers, made to suit the specific customer needs. This is a unique combination of narrow band, high beam quality and excellent performance in an all-fiber system.

The system of Koheras BOOSTIK fiber lasers is a ready-to-work isolated system mounted in a 19" rack, including all necessary instrumentation and power supply. This is an ideal solution for laboratory and research work.

The main advantage of Koheras BOOSTIK single frequency fiber lasers is the ability to select the operating wave length with constant beam quality. The possibility of such frequency conversion allows to obtain important results in the research field of nuclear physics.

Koheras BOOSTIK laser systems have a low noise level, which ensures a comfortable working environment with such systems.

Single frequency, ultra narrow band and low noise erbium Koheras BOOSTIK fiber lasers are equipped with thermoelectric sensors that not only protect the lasers from the ambient temperature fluctuations, but also provide fine-tuning of the laser wave length by changing the operating temperature of the laser .