Stanford Research Systems (SRS) is a small company at the forefront of innovation in scientific and engineering instrumentation. We offer a unique work environment for engineers and scientists who have the intelligence and motivation to prosper in it.Formed in 1980, SRS is a privately held corporation which designs and manufactures high performance test equipment.

SRS manufactures test instruments for research and industrial applications

SRS accepts direct orders from all countries. Online orders will ship by either UPS or Federal Express.

SRS Products:

Test & Measurement Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Time & Frequency Instruments, Vacuum Instruments, Analytical Instruments

SRS provides a unique, stimulating and rewarding work environment.

Plasma Control Technologies - empowering tomorrow

For the last five decades, COMET Plasma Control Technologies has defined the course of high frequency and high vacuum technology. This pioneering spirit is driving RF technology a step forward every day.

As a leading high vacuum and RF technology expert, COMET is a global innovation partner of RF related industries. Since 1948, our products have earned a reputation for quality and reliability, and have been employed in a broad variety of applications. We combine years of business experience with high-level technological expertise, always developing new ways for our customers to gain marketplace advantage.

Developing High Value RF solutions

Every day in COMET’s R&D departments, across our supply chains, and along our production lines, top-notch specialists are working to build and improve the products that empower your business. From Silicon Valley to the Swiss Alps, from metropolitan Shanghai to rural Flamatt, our global network of professionals are dedicated to helping you thrive in the today’s fast-moving marketplace. They may speak many different languages, but they share the same passion: the desire to make a difference for you - and for the next generation.

COMET PCT is the RF power delivery expert for your plasma processing applications; whether semi, solar, LED or flat panel/LCD. Look to COMET PCT for RF products for broadcast transmission and antenna tuning, as well as RF industrial heating.

FuG Elektronik manufactures high voltage power supplies, power sources for capacitor charging, high voltage cassettes, medium voltage power supplies, multirange power supplies, power supplies with linear regulator, bipolar and special power sources manufactured for specific orders.

Spellman High Voltage Corporation manufactures high voltage DC power supplies from 250V to 500kV, power from 120mW to 150kW, high voltage modules, power supply racks and X-ray generators.

ISEG Spezialelektronik GmbH designs and produces high voltage power supplies and modules used in industry and research fields.

Advanced Energy for over 30 years manufactures power supplies for leading industrial consumers of semiconductor products.

High voltage products of the Glassman company include DC power sources up to 600V, power supplies, relays, dividers, cables, various connector and pulse generators.

TDK-Lambda UK company, a member of the TDK corporation, is a leading global supplier of electronic equipment offering a wide range of AC-DC power sources, DC-DC converters and EMC/EMI filters.

Today ALE division of the TDK-Lambda company is one of the most experienced manufacturers of high voltage power supplies.

Behlke Power Electronics GmbH produces high voltage solid state switches using MOSFET and IGBT technologies. The company's products include general purpose solid state high voltage switches with fixed and regulated switching time. Switches of both types vary in current growth rate, input capacitance and other parameters. In addition, Behlke manufactures laboratory pulse generators.