Johnson Controls installs hidden air conditioning systems worldwide to create a comfortable environment supporting life force of its inhabitants. These systems help thousands of companies to solve cooling issues which are critically important, for example, in the food industry.

In many cases a complex offer from Johnson Controls/YORK is the best solution. Products and services of this company are easily combined into simple solutions helping to meet the customer needs. Regardless of specifications they offer choice and flexibility at the same time. Offering design, equipment, maintenance and support services, the Johnson Controls company takes responsibility for all capital facilities and processes. Today York® products are used in the globally famous sites, such as Empire State Building, the English Chunnel, U.S. Capitol building and the Sydney Opera House.  

Carrier is a global leader in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration supply.

LG Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions [10] (air conditioners and energy saving products) is the division of the LG company that specializes in manufacture and sale of air conditioning and air cleaning systems both for home and industrial use. Also this division manufactures energy saving products such as solar panels and lighting systems, "smart" thermostats and heating control systems.

Main products:

-Home air conditioners
-Home air cleaners
-Industrial air conditioners and air cleaners
-Solar panels
-Lighting systems
-Thermostats and heating control systems

The most important business field of the division is the development of energy efficient and ecological technologies both for home and industrial markets.

Hitachi air conditioning systems are the art of connecting of ideas and modern technologies bringing to life a whole range of air conditioners ensuring a comfortable climate pleasant for life and work. A wide range of indoor units together with compatibility with the most advanced systems means that the Hitachi company can provide air conditioning in any environments for any specifications.

Vertex is a leading manufacturer of home and semi-industrial climate conditioning equipment.