Electronic Sealing Technology iSeal


Application of this technology in logistics, storage of precious goods and custom control will reduce the effect of the "human factor " to zero and make unauthorized access to a protected object virtually impossible.

There are great opportunities in implementation of this technology in the existing computer-based information storage / access systems.

Handling of the seal

After the protected object is sealed, insert both ends of the control loop 1 into the holes 2 of the seal 3. Using pliers fix free ends of the control loop with the standard crimp clip 4. Next, bring the reader to the distance below 1m to the seal and perform operations necessary to initialize the seal and switch it to the continuous monitoring mode.

Using the reader it is possible to check at any time the evidence of seal opening / installation, with indication of identifiers of operators / inspectors and time stamps of registered events.

A smartphone or a tablet computer with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and with the original iSeal software can be used as a reader.